By Amy Bolivar on February 23, 2021 in ACR, ACR Sync Technology, admonitoring, audienceinsights, audiencemeasurement, media, mediamonitoring, musicmonitoring, panelmanagement, Sync, TV

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) has become a media industry standard for analyzing content, powering sync technology for apps and a powerful tool for audience measurement. 


There are many options, but one in particular was built for scale.

Instead of panel sizes in the hundreds or even thousands, this USA based ACR was built to handle the processing of millions of devices and appliances in a lean and compact processing environment.

Meet Dat-Track.

This is a first of its kind technology built to support and analyze a society with eclectic and evolving viewing habits. Audiences today have easy access to multiple screens and multiple types of media whether it be audio services, linear, digital OTT video services and UGC sites. All of this massive content exists, yet the technology available to monitor content hasn’t evolved to handle all of these use cases easily.

With Dat-Track there are no more tiers or need to segment your processing.

ACR technology has unlimited reach

There are no more choices to be made in limiting how many days of time-shift or how much content can be accurately detected. Dat-Track has changed the game and these budgetary constraints and hard decisions are no longer needed.

This ACR technology is also versatile. It can be used to perform real-time and shifted content ID. It can identify background music with foreground noise. It can provide sync capabilities for interactive triggers and it can be utilized to track both short and long form programming.

Reach out today for a complimentary demo and scale your monitoring and measurement with this innovative approach to content recognition.

To learn more Download Dat-Tracks informational sheet here