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The marketplace is a network of companies with a similar vision to develop additional revenue while tapping into new creative outlets and industries for their assets.

Audio and Video Automatic Content Recognition is used today for music copyright, media monitoring, audience measurement, e-commerce, interactive real-time app experiences and even toys and games.  With limitless potential, this technology can identify all kinds of content, sync to the exact moment a consumer is watching and take your mobile app and data platforms to new heights.


An audio based ACR that can work with both clean audio and detect over an open mic (dirty audio).  This ACR is a game changer for very short duration content as well as long form.  With tools like real-time and shifted spot detection, content harvesting, program/device sync and the ability to customize the fingerprint match size, this ACR changes the game for both small and large companies to utilize.  Easily integrate this SDK and transform your app, power your media monitoring and light up your audience panels with this innovative USA based automatic content recognition platform.

Content and being able to harness and analyze both structured and unstructured data can transform a business, develop a better understanding of customers and open the door to opportunities to create enhanced meta-data and interesting new data pathways for content creators, media networks and any business that has large datasets.  Create a new perspective and wield the power of AI, CMS and data intelligence.

Data can be a beast so let Phylum Data Suite tame it. No digital content is too unwieldy for Phylum including web page data, raw text, images, video and audio. With a powerful AI engine that combines ML, NLP, OCR and AI advanced analytics, this data engine is designed to transform a lot of unstructured data into a usable and transformative solution. Take this engine for a spin to organize large customer datasets, media libraries and harness the power of their predictive models, insights and suggestive data strategy.

Harnessing media technology requires a knowledgeable digital team who can help design your product and platform architecture for scale and success.  In a giant sea of options, there are digital studio companies who specialize in working with media companies and all of the moving parts from complex software development to brand and vision.  They have an understanding of the framework needed to support millions of users.  They also understand how to design around a budget that scales from prototype to end-type.

Majestyk Apps is a full service digital product studio that supports media industry companies both small and large in their endeavors to produce interactive and innovative products and services.  They have a suite of services that range from app development, complex software development all the way to marketing, branding & launch support, Majestyk replaces the need for companies to hire staff and they create a development outlet to test new ideas.  They provide an entire team that can be leveraged in order to build a prototype, launch a new creative idea outside of your current core business or update and upgrade your platform for mass consumption.  “We imagine, design & build digital products.  We are Majestyk.”

Having access to radio, TV and OTT sources can create the ability to sync in real-time or ondemand with consumers through apps and appliances.  It can take a normal mobile app and transform it into an interactive experience.  Couple these networks with a tech on the marketplace to monitor songs, advertisements, programs, movies and limitless custom content across linear and digital

Digital Services

Nobex is a full service radio industry solution. They are a global IP radio network provider with a white label video and audio streaming app platform designed to power consumer audio experiences.  With this network anyone can analyze global radio streams and podcasts for real-time song ID, interactive ads and topical interests.  This innovative company also can create a branded, state of the art app in Android or iOS for any audio stream in minutes.  “Don’t Build a Streaming App. Simply Click & Launch One.”


VidVita is a global TV, Radio, OTT and IPTV Provider that helps power both real-time and shifted viewing experiences and analysis. With the ability to host bare metal, provide cloud services and even integrate client technology directly to do all the heavy lifting, it's no wonder this is the top network service provider choice for the media industry. This network helps power media apps, data services, audience measurement, interactive experiences and future innovations in media.

Media inSite

Since 2011, Media InSite Ltd. has been creating new and innovative ways to monitor, measure, and analyze media content across the Caribbean. With a network that monitors radio, television, print and social/digital, they provide unprecedented access for brands, media companies and agencies to see the impact of their campaigns in the island territories and countries.  They have a large distributed network throughout the Caribbean and can provide companies with advertising data insights, mentions across varying media types, program and song verification data, access to Caribbean media TV and radio feeds for analyzing with different types of media-tech on the Caspian Marketplace or your own proprietary software.  They also can provide a customized reporting interface for companies that would like to see visual insights easily.  Monitor, Measure and Maximize your understanding of Caribbean media.

Computer Vision opens the door to uncovering a vast wealth of information from video and static images.  With growing toolsets and advances in cloud computing, Computer Vision went from something only feasible for large companies to the ability for any size company to harness and utilize its power to analyze visual data.  Open the door to all of the creative possibilities, even in real-time as video is airing or images are being viewed. Objects, logos, athletes, numbers, websites and even faces can be recognized.


Visua is becoming a media industry standard for their unique ability to easily analyze and process images and videos creating real-time insights and detailed enhanced meta-data.  With technology that can identify logos, objects and text within video, it provides the ability for media companies and brands to see the impact of their assets across social media platforms as well as linear TV and OTT.  These tools can be used to catalog content, create interactive events triggered by specific objects and brands as well as allow companies to track their brand’s impact, messaging and overall effectiveness as they test new campaigns and ways to connect with consumers.  The possibilities are endless with The Visual-AI People company, Visua.

Interactive TV platforms allow content owners, brands, retailers and audience measurement companies the freedom to connect directly to a consumer in the moment.  From powering apps that can sync along with live and shifted programming, to unlocking e-commerce within video and even switching out content on the first screen, the days of passive TV viewing has evolved into a fully connected and engaged viewing experience.


MyTVChoice is a cutting edge platform that is designed to engage with an audience directly on the first screen.  Imagine sitting in a hotel, hospital, bar or restaurant and as the live game goes to break, a company could show promotional content about their restaurant or retail chain.  They could present sports betting stats and current odds, available services and local or national content of interest.  During non-live sporting events when traditional programming goes to break, imagine informational details about a hotel chain and available services or in a hospital setting being able to provide info on visiting hours, upcoming meals and patient stats.  This is the future of the first screen.  For audience measurement companies, it opens the door to asking questions and providing prompts immediately after brand exposure.  The ability for a panelist to respond and engage immediately.  This patented technology creates a seamless viewing experience for B2B as well as B2C where the main program or event is king and then the time around the program can be curated with enhanced personalized meta-data, targeted advertising, promotional materials and any other fun creative implementation a company can imagine.

When companies create new advertising campaigns, it can be difficult in today’s media landscape to decide the best way to connect with audiences and what medium to focus on.  With print, digital, linear TV, OTT and UGC sites, there are many options.  Finding an ad distribution partner who understands your market, can provide valuable metrics on the process and has a team that understands that every campaign is critical to the success and forward momentum of new products, brand awareness and connecting with new consumers.

On The Spot Media

On The Spot Media (OTSM), a premier distributor of advertising content, delivers advertising video, radio, print and long-form digital content across North America. Rather than just another technology company, OTSM is a services company that leverages state-of-the-art, web-based solutions to simplify clients’ media delivery process.

Music Industry Platforms

Whether the consumer is in the stadium, in a socially distanced area or just on the couch, technology can bridge the gap between an artist and a fan.  It can provide new pathways for arenas to help audiences still feel connected to live events.  It can create a digital ecosystem where the music is still most important and the experience of listening and watching can be shared.

Crank Media Intelligence is a full service solution for concert promotion.  It provides the music industry with the ability for arenas to connect with radio stations as well as digital streaming service companies in order to promote live and streamed events nationwide.  With the ability for arena groups to also utilize Crank’s music airplay data on what’s trending in market, messaging capabilities and ability to tie in ticket sales with specific metro mapping, companies gain valuable insights into trending artists in their metro and can focus promotion to specific locations within their audience area.  It is designed to innovate and automate the process to make it easier for the arenas to work in conjunction with promoters, labels, stations, TV networks, streaming services and many more

Whether an artist wants to remain independent to have more control over their own destiny or is actively working to get signed, each artist journey is unique.  As more artists look at innovative ways to connect with digital audiences, music technology can transform an artist from a locally known talent into a globally known brand.

Centralized is an artist management platform that provides independent and emerging artists with the tools and knowledge to step through the music industry and build their brand, their audience and their livelihood.  Each artist that joins is presented with their own customized and personalized plan to match each artist’s unique journey in the music industry. It’s one of the first platforms of its kind that includes AI/ML analysis to help artists step by step through everything they need to do to for building an artist foundation, playing shows, releasing music, building a team, selling merch, managing money and more.  For music industry companies, it is a direct conduit to emerging independent artists, a network of songwriters and the next generation of music.

Technology Platforms

Computer Vision opens the door to uncovering a vast wealth of information from video and static images.  With growing toolsets and advances in cloud computing, Computer Vision went from something only feasible for large companies to the ability for any size company to harness and utilize its power to analyze visual data.  Open the door to all of the creative possibilities, even in real-time as video is airing or images are being viewed. Objects, logos, athletes, numbers, websites and even faces can be recognized.

Vy Corporation uses a truly unique method to analyze images and videos with unmatched quality and precision.  Utilizing a novel and patented approach that eschews traditional object detection models that require hours upon hours of image training, Vy solves the problem with math. They apply transparent and auditable mathematical models (Bézier curves and decision trees) to collect this data. Used primarily for research, military, medical and industrial use cases, this technology is built and maintained for providing robust security for library assets, proprietary UGC content and copyrighted material.  They are the first company of its kind; designed to take all of the tedious computational legwork out of the equation (pun intended) and provide an object tracking solution that can identify any object of interest in media and in life.

Partner Business Support Services

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The hardest part of business is all wrapped up in financials. Having a good foundation provides the ability grow and scale your business from an idea or small staff to an enterprise that will attract talent, investors and clients. You don’t need to afford a CFO salary in order to leverage the guidance and skills of a team who can help with reviewing financials, fundraising, financial advising, payroll, taxation laws and most importantly peace of mind. Whether you are bootstrapped, venture backed or just starting out with an idea, control your financials on-demand.