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Our Services

The Caspian Model

The goal is simple.  Help companies, investment groups and new emerging startups re-imagine the possibilities with their own intellectual property or harness the Caspian Marketplace in order to leverage existing software, drive into new industries and continue to build on the Dream.

- Monetization & Business Strategy Services

- Technical Due Diligence & Portfolio Review

- Custom Media Project Development & Management

- MediaTech Strategy & Brand Marketing

The Caspian Group clients are:

Companies with intellectual and proprietary technology looking to generate additional revenue streams.

Startups that have a creative idea or just emerging technology looking to launch quickly and accelerate revenue growth.

Mid to large size companies with a new product or service concept and are looking to reduce development time, determine how to grow staff to execute and are looking for readily available tools to help launch their concept faster.

Venture Capital and Private Equity firms who require technical advice and support for their portfolio companies as well as hands on assistance in evaluating potential client technology, discovering new revenue models not yet explored and access to a marketplace of customizable innovative technology their clients can easily harness for launch.

The Tools

The Caspian Marketplace is perfectly designed to provide companies with more flexibility than cloud software providers, more support than large corporations who don’t understand each client’s use case and overall vision.  Each client understands where the tech originates, what’s under the hood and have confidence that if they build large revenue around these products and services, their software isn’t going to be discontinued or no longer supported.  The marketplace is a network of companies with a similar vision to develop additional revenue while tapping into new creative outlets and industries for their assets.

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Caspian Hill Group provides tools for music and entertainment industries

Areas of Focus:

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)
Computer Vision
Content & Enhanced Meta-Data
IT Managed Services
Machine Learning
Market Research & Audience Measurement
Media Monitoring
Media Tech
Music Industry Tech
Music Copyright

Our Team

We provide access to an unprecedented technology marketplace for companies to easily leverage and customize.  We have over 20 years of experience integrating and developing media, music and advertising technologies and services. Our clients range from small emerging startups with an idea to large publicly traded corporations.

Amy Bolivar

Amy Bolivar


Amy is a successful serial entrepreneur who has been working in broadcasting, media and IT for more than 20 years. 

Amy is currently Co-Founder and CEO of VidVita, a successful global TV and media infrastructure provider.  She brings expertise in defining new creative avenues for companies to build revenue with a focus in Monetization & Business Execution Strategy, Product Development, Business Development and Complex Technical Project and Product Documentation.

Amy specializes in audio/video tech (ACR, AI, CV), integrated software and hardware solutions, large scale operations and deployment strategies and a love of everything to do with TV, radio and media in general.

Steve Lubin

Steve Lubin


Steve Lubin is an early stage investor in the marketing technology and media space.  Steve previously served as Vice President of Corporate Development for Marketing Architects, Inc., a leading TV ad agency and Managing Director of the company’s venture capital arm Zoomworks Ventures. 

Prior to joining Marketing Architects, Steve was COO for IMRSV, Inc., an early stage computer vision and facial analysis company.  IMRSV was named one of Time, Inc. Top Ten Startups to Watch in 2013 and was a graduate of Techstars.

 Steve was co-founder and CEO of Mediaguide, Inc., a leading automated content recognition company monitoring radio and television broadcasts across the US providing real-time data products and services to agencies, media and market research companies.  In 2012, Mediaguide was acquired by Clear Channel subsidiary, RCS.  Previously, Steve served in a number of executive roles at ASCAP, including Chief of Staff and VP, Business Development.

Steve, a reformed attorney, has a JD from Brooklyn Law School and a BA in Journalism from Michigan State University.

Audrey Faust

Audrey Faust


Audrey has worked for and consulted with various technology, entertainment and media companies throughout her 20 plus year accounting career.  She has worked closely with numerous companies that, with her guidance and expertise, have grown 20 – 50% annually while also becoming more profitable.      

Audrey is also the Founder and CFO of Controller-onDemand (COD), a successful CFO consulting agency that advises 7 and 8 figure businesses.  COD reviews accounting procedures and staff and implements new more efficient processes in their accounting department to make their teams more efficient and their companies more profitable. 

Audrey serves on the Finance Committee at Brookside Country Club. 

Audrey has an Accounting Degree from Ursinus College and an MBA from Penn State University. 

Jay Guyther

Jay Guyther


Jay has over 35+ years of product management, marketing and sales experience in the media research and media industries. His extensive background includes research methodologies (meter technologies, sample design, survey operations, editing and data processing rules, reporting policies), data analytics, media sales, business and strategic planning and organizational management.

From 1984 through 2009, Jay was with Arbitron (now Nielsen Audio) the radio ratings research supplier in the U.S., where as SVP for Ratings Services, he co-wrote the business plan to introduce electronic audience measurement and was the senior executive responsible for the development and implementation of the Arbitron PPM (portable people meter) measurement system. Jay was also responsible for overall product management and marketing communications activities of Arbitron’s $300+ million U.S. syndicated ratings measurement services.

Since 2009, Jay has been an independent media research and marketing consultant specializing in analyses and evaluation of audience measurements systems and methodologies, both diary and electronic, TV and radio. Clients included: Video Research (Japan); Mediametrie (France); Astral Radio (Canada); Poland Radio Broadcasters Association; Maryland Public Television; Verance; Trinton Digital.

From 2011-2012, as a media measurement research consultant at Google, Jay worked on the team designing and implementing single-source (TV, PC, mobile and tablet) media measurement panels in U.S., U.K. and France.

Jay served as an operations and marketing consultant with Israel-based Mobile Research Labs responsible for developing pricing assumptions and revenue forecasting models and was the senior executive responsible for U.S. client solutions and new business development.

As a member of the Coalition for Improved Media Measurement (CIMM) working group for the selection of a technology partner for encoding AD-ID and EDIR codes into video distribution paths, Jay recommended technical requirements relevant to: acoustic recovery of watermarks, test plan design and evaluation criteria, attribution and edit/credit rules for audience measurement.

Currently Jay serves as the Federal Trade Commission appointed monitor to oversee compliance of the Arbitron-Nielsen consent order. And acts in a fiduciary capacity for the benefit of the FTC.

Jay has a BA in business administration and MBA in marketing and marketing research from Loyola University in Maryland.