Who We are

Caspian Hill Group (CHG) is a team of successful serial entrepreneurs, technologists and monetization specialists with an eye for discovering new creative avenues and implementation strategies for existing company IP, products and services.  The goal is simple.  Help companies, investment groups and new emerging startups re-imagine their own intellectual property or harness the Caspian Marketplace in order to increase their revenue, drive into new industries and continue to build on the Dream.

Industries and Areas of Focus:

Caspian Hill Group Advertising


Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)

Caspian Hill Group Broadcasting


Caspian Hill Group computer vision

Computer Vision

Caspian Hill Group Content & Enhanced Meta-Data

Content & Enhanced Meta-Data

Caspian Hill Group ecommerce


Caspian Hill Group engineering


Caspian Hill Group Finanace


Caspian Hill Group IT management

IT Managed Services

Caspian Hill Group Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Caspian Hill Group Market Research/Audience Measurement
Market Research/Audience Measurement
Caspian Hill Group Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

Caspian Hill Group Media Tech

Media Tech

Caspian Hill Group Music Copyright

Music Copyright

Caspian Hill Group Media Tech

Music Industry Tech

The Caspian Group clients are:

Companies who have existing IP, proprietary software, custom hardware and data services that they feel are being underutilized for revenue potential

    • Many companies develop large portfolios of intellectual property that may not be utilized, perhaps are still in the beginning phases or are used for only one specific use case.  The Caspian team has a vision that every company can expand their revenue by reimagining their IP’s potential to be beneficial for other non-competitive industries and use cases.

Investment Firms, Venture Capital Groups, Incubators and Accelerators that are looking for additional support for their portfolio companies to help them quickly get to market, evaluate portfolio company technology and offer navigational support in the areas of biz/dev, IT implementation, finance, legal and monetization strategies.

    • Venture Capital firms see a company with an innovative idea but have concerns about the technology being utilized or how to create a clear path to revenue.  The Caspian Group was designed to provide support by helping portfolio companies leverage existing technology, focus on the end game of getting revenue positive and work to build on a working model that will support clients quickly and create corporate independence and a path to growth.

Companies and Startups with a creative idea or just emerging technology that want to quickly drive revenue in order to hire staff, grow their products and services and be able to have a sustainable business that is cash positive.

    • Companies with new product ideas can spend months to years building out very expensive platforms, APIs and services before they can hope to close revenue because of needing to show a working model.  Chances are a lot of the things being built already exist and can be easily leveraged.

Mid-size and large companies looking to leverage new innovative software and IP that isn’t designed by large corporations that provide a black box, zero control or a limited idea of how the software works.

    •  Our marketplace is customizable with IP that can be blended, owners and inventors you can collaborate with, data that can be easily ingested and software that can be leveraged for specific projects without needing to hire teams of developers.

Meet our amazing team

We provide access to an unprecedented technology marketplace for companies to easily leverage and customize.  Our clients range from small emerging startups with an idea to large publicly traded corporations.

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