By Amy Bolivar on January 16, 2021 in arena, food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, live events, media, MyChoiceTV, retail, TV, universities

How can you maximize the engagement potential of the first screen?


What does that even mean?

Televisions exist in almost every industry. They are in waiting rooms designed to entertain patients and guests. They are in hospitality providing personal room entertainment with local affiliate news, Pay-TV and premium channels for guests to unwind and enjoy their home away from home. They are in arenas, bars, restaurants and local venues for socialized viewing experiences around live sporting events and other live events. They are in universities in common areas, stadiums and student rooms.

MyChoiceTV in long term assisted living facilities 

Whether you are a small organization with one TV or a mid to large corporation with TV distribution systems, you have a captive audience but a completely closed passive viewing experience with traditional scheduled programming and local, regional and national advertising.


This can be easily upgraded to a fully immersive informational and personalized TV viewing experience that creates a sense of community regardless of industry.


Currently, having the ability to create a sense of a community in a socially distanced environment is critical. It’s not only important for your target market but also for your staff whose passion and livelihood can depend on creating a welcoming, supportive environment for lifelong memories as well as lifelong returning consumers, fans and guests.


Imagine being able to present upcoming events guests can attend or promotional specials for food, beverage and services during news breaks.


The ability to present new emerging therapies as patients sit in waiting rooms watching normally scheduled TV programming.

MyChoiceTV in waiting rooms Caspian Hill Marketplace 

A way to connect a community together that may not be able to physically be together is possible right from their rooms in long term assisted living facilities for entertainment such as live music, fun trivia and gaming, internal facility news and upcoming events.


The ability to connect student fans together during college sports events or provide easy real-time messages about class schedules, upcoming fun virtual or campus events and gamified experiences they can join to feel a sense of belonging.


These are all possible with one unified platform called MyTVChoice.


There is no longer a need to produce a separate informational channel that guests may never tune into. Connect with them in the moment as they watch their regularly scheduled programming on ANY TV channel.

MyChoiceTV in sports bars 

Sports Bars and Restaurant groups have already started incorporating this technology in order to show food and drink promotions, local advertising, sports betting odds and gamified experiences.


This technology can be harnessed by many other industries such as:


  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Airports & Transportation Centers
  • Universities
  • Short Term and Long Term Assisted Living Facilities
  • Military Bases & Government Facilities
  • Shopping Centers, Malls & Retail Spaces


The potential of the first screen is limitless when every TV channel can be harnessed for communication and engagement.


With the ability to integrate with existing corporate apps, MyTVChoice doesn’t replace or change guest communication. It enhances it, and organizes facility messaging in real-time across all screens big and small.


Tune into the future of guest and consumer communication and interaction.